Bitcoin BRC-20 tokens are really making new millionaires and have already achieved half a billion dollars of combined marketcap for these BTC tokens… Some love them, some hate them, but you cannot ignore them, here’s everything you need to know about BRC-20 tokens! Mint your first BRC-20 token on our $VOSK brc20!

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People are quick to hate on what they don’t understand but myself and others are absolutely enthused with Bitcoin going from just digital money or really even digital gold to its own cryptocurrency platform with ordinals, nfts, and tokens on the BTC blockchain!

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00:00 BRC-20 tokens!
00:32 Bitcoin mining profitability has been skyrocketing!
01:38 How to mint brc-20 tokens
02:29 Ordi token is skyrocketing!
03:35 Where can you trade BRC-20 tokens?
04:30 How to use the Unisat wallet
05:28 How to buy PEPE on BTC
06:11 Where will this go?
06:48 All time highs on fees, volume, and inscriptions!
08:12 Bitcoin becoming a platform?
09:27 How to mint free BRC-20 Tokens!
11:17 Tails loves minting BRC-20 tokens

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