Bitcoin education for kids

Was wondering when people are talking to their kids about BTC/Crypto in general what resources did they find helpful?

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I found a YouTube video that my kids actually watched and actually understood some of the basics. Then we just talked through it.

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IMO it is a very fickle topic for children. We want to make scholars not propogandist. I’m unsure if my own kids (grown up now) would have understood the complexity behind , “Jesus whipped the gold traders” and how the religious plans of 1 religion destoned the world to style of trickle up economy.

In my opinion, the fundamentals of math and history will achieve the same ends. Truly, the story of bitcoin starts before Mansa Musa and Sumer.

The real kicker here is that BTC is a reaction to oppression. Learning about oppression too young might make radicals. It’s a balancing act between childhood happiness and preparing our children for the inevitable future.

If a person is going to push BTC on their kids, just cut the jib and convert to Judaism.

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