Bitcoin Miners are F*CKED!

Bitcoin miners are F*CKED seriously, if Bitcoin doesn’t go up in price, when the Bitcoin halving happens, most BTC ASIC mining rigs will not be profitable, and depending on your electricity rate Bitcoin mining profitability is already in the dumps compared to last year… Buy this miner instead of a BTC miner! Evergreen Miner v2.5 VoskCoin Tails Edition

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Over $20m in new Bitcoins are still mined everyday, but with the Bitcoin price under $30,000 and a BTC halving cutting the amount of Bitcoins mined per day in half less than a year away the future for Bitcoin miners is looking BAD! Bitcoin needs to triple in price for the average Bitcoin miners to turn a profit, some major Bitcoin mining farms are very competitive with cheap electricity rates but the game continues to change as the new Bitmain S21 bitcoin miner and Whatsminer M50 and M60s increase ASIC miner efficiency. All I am saying is beware and be aware.

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00:00 This is going to be bad!
00:39 The miners I own
02:28 The Bitcoin halving of 2024
03:52 Situation of big Bitcoin mining farms
05:23 New Bitcoin miner is coming
06:12 How to buy a Bitcoin miner?
07:52 Which Bitcoin miners will survive the halving?
11:05 Bitcoin network hashrate analysis
12:44 My perspective on the Bitcoin halving
15:22 How will the Bitcoin halving affect me?
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Bitcoin Miners are F*CKED!


It will be very interesting to see what happens… small scale miners and large scale miners are going to take a hit… I already see large institutional miners selling off their S19 series and shifting to L7’s. Undoubtedly the price will rise as a lot of miners that just mine to sell will decrease…. Causing the supply to decrease. But where will the equilibrium be?? Really don’t matter if your a hodler…

What is the daily profitability of the Tails Edition XCH kit from evergreen?

I guess if you ordered a bunch of S19XPs and then the S21 was announced then you are effed. I’ve seen pre-orders for the S21 going for as low as $3300.