Bitcoin Mining Farm Progress! sort of

Making progress on the Bitcoin mining farm! Sort of… some issues, broken miners, immersion mining leaks, but I’ve acquired more miners trying to increase my passive income before the crypto bullrun and new Bitcoin all-time high price in 2024! Buy your own miners here -

Altair Urlacher 120v S19 and other miners - Miners – Altair Technology – Bitcoin Mining Solutions
Buy a Fog Hashing immersion system - Fog Hashing | lmmersion Cooling for Crypto Mining
The Best Miners to Buy for 2024 -
Complete ASIC Mining Guide -
You Can Buy Bitcoin Miners here! -
VoskCoin meter box - VoskCoin Box Set – The Meter Box
Use code voskcoin to save some coin at all of the above!
Power supply to overclock iceriver ks0 pro -
Full mining farm build playlist -

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 VoskCoin Mining Farm bullrun update!
01:17 Moving miners around to the Mini Pod!
03:08 The S19K Pro Urlacher version
05:38 New mini-miners for the VoskCoin Mining Farm!
09:17 Overclocking the Kaspa KS0 and KS0 Pro miners
13:09 Digital Shovel Mini Pod mining update
14:20 Huge drama at the immersion shed…
16:12 Big things are coming for the VoskCoin Mining Farm!

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Bitcoin Mining Farm Progress! sort of…

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