Bitcoin Mining Pools

Does anybody have any recommendations on Bitcoin Mining pools to use?

I feel like I’m spamming because I’ve re-posted this so many times recently, but here is my .02: Prohashing

from their website:

“Prohashing was formed in December 2013 from a group of three professionals with Masters degrees in Engineering and was officially launched in August 2014. At Prohashing, our mission is to provide you with a mining pool that is stable, easy to use, and transparent.”

In my experience mining there for the last 4 or so years is that I wouldn’t use another pool. I even plan out my new miner purchases based on what can be mined using their site (which is a lot, they support 16 different algorithms). The big thing with Prohashing is that they auto-switch your miner to whatever the most profitable coin is at the moment on each different algorithm, which maximizes your profit, and keeps older machines profitable longer. Then they will pay you in whatever coin/s you want even if it is on a different algorithm. So you could be mining script and be paid in BTC or ETH or both (they have 207 different payout coins available) I don’t work for them, and aside from using them, and having an affiliate code, I have no affiliation to the pool, but I have always been happy mining there.

I like viabtc mainly because I had a very low payout and zero fees if you have a coinex account. Payouts are done as a inter member transfer so there are no transaction fees and happen instantly if you do a manual withdraw or daily if you chose auto and reach 0.0001 btc…

thanks for this info.

any referral codes?

here you go: Prohashing

Viabtc does not have a referral program CoinEx does and I have it set up for a 7.5% kickback on trx fees for both of us.

You can also auto convert any of the cryptos to usdt and then move it to your CoinEx account for free. As this is the exchange they use for all there crypto.

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