Bitcoin mining RTX 3080 and RX 5700XT


I am trying to get in to mining and was looking to build a rig for bit long mining with 3 Rtx 3080 or 3060ti and 3 Rx 5700xt.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what brand and model are the best ?


At the moment, it may be best to go with whatever you can get your hands on assuming you’re going to have to buy scalped cards. I’ve been holding off on buying 3080s because I’m not willing to pay $2,000+ per card because the return on investment (ROI) is so long.

I’d recommend checking out to calculate approximate profitablity with your electric costs.

For example a $2,000 3080 on free power ($0.00 per kWH) would take about 304 days based on $6.58 mining ERG assuming the coin continues on that profitability.

For me, I was able to land two Sapphire Pulse 6700 XTs a few months ago from a store for 750 each after tax and extended warranty. At today’s prices of $3.45 mining ETH shows 217 days to ROI (not including electricity).

So, even though I am making less per day, I should break even and turn a profit sooner than one scalped 3080.

With EIP1559 and ETH moving to PoS at some point, I was more concerned with getting these paid off before it becomes an issue.

I’m still new to mining, but not the wild swings of crypto :slight_smile:

I don’t think at all as you do I purchased Stellar bot, I ve got today 6 RTX 3080 2 RTX 3090 6 RTX 3070 and 2 RTX 3060TI.

Bot purchased my grafic cards on these links bestbuy, newegg & B&H, paid for 6 X 3070=3700 us / 610 us each, paid for 2 RTX 3090=3299 us, paid for 6 RTX 3080=5400 us 900 us each, finally paid for last 2 X RTX 3060TI=998 us 499 us each.

Now I have 2 Rigs with brand new RTX 3090, 3080, 3070 and 3060TI for almost 13’800 us with all components.

I just quickly calculted. I can sell everything at any time as Grafic cards dont loose any value but mostly get some for around 30’000 us.

But by time I will sell I mined at least 50k of crypto curremcy…Total reward electricity paid around 60K…In my pocket…

Last week I ve sold 3 A10 Master Pro 5g for 12k each, I bought it 9 months ago for 2700 us each…

I think if you know trading you will make much money mining and with crypto, but you must know what you do that’s Nr1 fact.

Brol, since you already got most of GPU/s that you need, can you share the Bot? I mean can we split the cost of the bot? Or can you drop a link where you get it? Thanks…