Bitcoin mining

I want to buy 4 miners i was looking at does anyone know if this is a safe company to buy from this is my first and that is a lot of money? thanks Phil

If you put the address they say they are at you get a large multi story hotel.

I was looking into them too, and it’s not a hotel, but it is an apartment condo building in Palm Springs FL. So apparently whoever is running this “company” is doing it out of their house/apartment and with these kinds of demands for units and the sheer volume it would require of stock in both shipping & receiving, if this were legit I don’t see how you’d be able to do that from an apartment. Theoretically, they could be using this address as their base of operations and have all the moving parts and inner workings done from a warehouse somewhere… but that seems very unlikely.

Seems highly likely they are a scam, they have at least 2 websites with different addresses and phone numbers.
This is the exact same site with different contact info. Also I messaged them in the chat and the person that replied did not write in good English or have good grammar. I don’t think they are from Florida. And on the site it says you can use PayPal or credit card but that’s a lie. If you go to their checkout page you can only use crypto or a bank wire transfer. It all seems sketchy to me.