Bitcoin Ordinals BTC NFTs are SERIOUS and Bitcoin Miners are SHOCKED

Bitcoin Ordinals BTC NFTs are SERIOUS and Bitcoin Miners are SHOCKED with the latest Bitcoin miners that are having more issues, less reliable, and more expensive to repair impacting BTC mining farms… Earn passive incoming mining crypto! Evergreen

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Bitcoin ordinals are pumping up BTC mining profitability but the latest hashboard designs by Bitmain are not being received well by Bitcoin mining farms because they uh… kind of suck. The Bitmain Antminer S19 XP and some S19 models have been confirmed to have been impacted by the new design change, but thankfully we have Bitcoin NFTs making Bitcoin exciting again!

Bitmain changed its ASIC design Bitmain changed its ASIC design. Miners need to be ready
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00:00 Bitcoin ordinals gaining momentum
01:14 VoskCoin edition Evergreen miner and Chia giveaway
02:00 Bitmain making changes to its ASIC miner designs
05:32 How much Bitcoin do I mine?
06:52 Bitcoin halving is on the horizon
08:02 Bitcoin ordinals making miners rich
11:00 My plans and goals moving forward

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Bitcoin Ordinals BTC NFTs are SERIOUS and Bitcoin Miners are SHOCKED