Bitcoin Vault coin

its my first post , great website vosk.

i would like to ask about this coin Bitcoin Vault . it has a high return of profit. is it a scam or not.
i cant find any pools to mine only two pools and its not available to use only if you register to this website

can anybody share any info regarding this coin and company

thanks …

Bitcoin Vault was 51% attacked and everyone was locked out from mining except those that were approved by the WDMO which is supposedly a central authority on de-centralization. That is hilarious, I know. I have no idea if they are legit or just a scam to cover for mining city. If they are legit, my guess is you have to pay heavily for them to audit you or something. It was very profitable for the few weeks it was available to mine but I wouldn’t touch that coin with a 10 foot pole. The price is heavily manipulated (through wash trading I assume) since only one company is mining it. This info came from mining-dutch pool Discord. They even showed a screenshot showing that they locked down the chain. Before that, you could still mine although every block was an orphan. The attack was broken at least once because it was mineable again for a few days and then they locked it up for good. Real money shouldn’t be spent on BTCV2 in my opinion.

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I myself have looked at it.

In terms of mining pools i found this one that says they are functional and working and you can mine BTCV through them (they have a Discord channel).

Hope that helps. In terms of validity and if it is scam i don’t know. I will test the pool and see if it actually works as soon as my new miner comes. Will set one up and see what happens. Will let you know.


Go to and scroll down to the botfom and there is a mining pool and wp for the pool right there… You cab even buy hash off nicehash and mine it via this pool… Also a slack there for qs etc