Bitmain antminer k5 eaglesong

Hey Voskers,

I have access to free electric and want to invest in a BITMAIN ANTMINER K5 EAGLESONG through CoinMiningCentral, yes it seems profitably now because of the price and even with free electric it seems really profitable but I am looking for a long term device meaning 1-3 years.

Would you recommend this device or really biting the bullet on a Antminer S19 Pro. My thoughts are, I can get multiply BITMAIN ANTMINER K5 EAGLESONG’s right away for a 1/3 of the price right now NS get them going right away whereas with a S19 Pro I won’t be able to get the device going until October, maybe even November.

Also, I notice there is no power supply attached to the K5, will my S9 power supplies work for this device or do I need to buy the power supply seperately? Thanks,