Bitmain antminer K7 3999.00 MSRP , preorders Nov 18th

Preorders from bitmain start Nov 18th , 10am 3999 MSRP, supplies may be limited. From bitmain’s Twitter account

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Give me four!!!

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If u get one can I get it

You’re the third person that’s asked…now I feel pressure to beat all the bots to grab some! I’ll see if I can get any but if I do, definitely.

Good luck, I’m going straight to a reseller, that bitmain website treated me like shit last time

Would you want me to order some for you @dannylee808? Happy to if I can get to the finish line.

I can commit to one unit :+1:
I’m not super knowledgeable about the nervos network so this will be dipping my toes in and learning everything.

Sounds good man

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AHHHHHH!!! Did a test run and everything last night and today it asks for info it didn’t last night. Bitmain disappoints again.

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@dannylee808 @Smokey024 my supplier just got access to K7 batch at $6100 shipped. Let me know if you’re interested ASAP.

I’ll pass you have me thinking something else

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Let me do a little bit more research, I’ll get back to you asap. Do u take a deposit?

Hey guys, I went to an event in Mexico for bitmain and met some really cool people on the team. They just messaged me about ordering the k7 and ka3. If anyone in the community is wanting one, dm me so that we can schedule a FaceTime, or some other form of messaging. I’m in the United States so I would like to only work with people in the states for now. @badgerlandcrypto dm me!!!

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We are selling K7 December futures at ($63/Th), if you need, you can contact me via email:

I’ll stick to my regular suppliers. But thank you.

Okay, that’s no problem, but there will always be situations where your supplier is unavailable, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a new friendship with us via email.

To @badgerlandcrypto

That’s why I have five of them. But feel free to message me your full price list. Maybe we can do something?

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