Bitmain D7 Question

Does anyone here mine with a D7? I have checked with Asicminervalue, Minerstat, DXPool, and others and their profit is all over the place.

Thanks in advance

You should check minestat… now is 247 usd… few days ago was -16 usd… Wanted to buy some D7 , but i think is bad call… 7500 is new in Apexto … still doesnt pay with Roi I want…


Thank you nemanja

Remember Bitmain priced these @ $1799 Brand New. That usually translates to a short lived profitability. Just my honest opinion. Good luck to you!!

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D7 was very profitable when Dash was 120 USD … Who sold Dash at that price level was a winner… Yeah price is 1800 at Bitmain but you cant buy it they arent sell this miner to small buyers…