Bitmain E9 dropping soon!

Hello Everyone,

As you may know the Bitmain E9 ASIC miner is being dropped in the upcoming next two weeks. I am very interested in buying one. However, the admins in the Bitmain Telegram seem to believe that the E9 will only be sold in bulk orders through sales representatives. Could Vosk Coin or this community pool together to help the averages joes get our hands on one of these?

A fellow miner,

Stuart B

This is one I’d also jump on. But we’ll see what the price point is.

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Same here, if this miner is under 10K it would be a steal in a half. Regardless it seem we would need a group to go in on this together.

They were saying somewhere in the low to mid 20’s. 20k I could justify but if it goes over 30k that hurts.