Bitmain, Goldshell, Canaan, and more..ASIC miners for sale coming soon


I will be selling miners from various manufacturers soon. They will be delivered directly from supplier in China. Some will be shipped right here in USA. The pricing will be very competitive.

I will accept Wire transfer, bank deposit, and crypto ( erc20: USDC, USDT and trc20: USDT ) for payments. I’m here based in USA. I’ve sold several miners here in this forum and hope to gain more trust in the coming future. More info coming soon…Thanks


Great to hear! We need more reliable sources with competitive pricing to choose from. Looking forward to see what you have for sale.

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Where are you based out of??

Las Vegas, NV

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Yeah…interested to hear what you have.

Interested to see what you have since you are in the same general area I am.

Damn. Not close enough. Eastern PA here