BITMAIN identity verification

Does anyone know about how long the BITMAIN identity verification takes?

Bitmain is requiring identity verification? What for? I’d assume it’s so they can determine if they’re going to charge you a fat tariff.

Yep, welcome to the USA and its government. Where we steal money from our people in every way we can. Had to register my passport to verify myself before i could maker a purchase. I am verified now and making my purchase.

Passport? To buy a product…I don’t like this.

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It is to charge you tarrifs

Yep, to buy directly from BITMAIN you got to KYC with them.

It took me almost a month to get my KYC approved by BITMAIN.

I just had to go back to my DATA entry days and do everything exact, Verified in like 6 hours, stupid thing kept kicking it back. ALL VERIFIED NOW. Waiting for my USDC to finally deposit and then making my purchase.

I am so ready for the Central banks to fail. They are printing paper that means nothing and making us jump through hoops for things, yet, they can take your money, put it on hold, tax it, and keep it from you at the drop of a hat. You want to do something in there system, takes days. Dumb! DOWN WITH FIAT!!! LETS GO DEFI!!!