Bitmain L7 (Antminer) Experience

Hello, I would like to exchange with people who have Bitmain L7 running.
Currently I have some L7 running. I would like to share my experience on Nicehash.

So far my values:
The actual mining values vary between the devices and are between.

8000 - 14000 mh/s

some againrum only at 5000 - 8000 mh/s.

The accepted values from Nicehash are on average between 7000-8000 mh/s.

Unfortunately, I am not at peace with the values and would like to know how the devices can be more economical. Current status is that I make with per device about 25-30 EUR per day.
Which corresponds to an average of 0.00011875 btc.

What are your experiences?
Do you have any ideas if it makes sense to stay with Nicehash or to mine directly into Dogecoin or Litecoin?

I would also like to know if there is overclock firmware.

Some devices also have massive problems with the hashboards. Two devices were defective when they were delivered.

And there is also a firmware with the timestamp February, which is not released by Bitmain. However, it runs on one of my devices.

I’ve a L7 9.05 and it’s a lot more stable over time than the hashrates you noted. While minute-to-minute it can vary, I’ve never seen as wide a range as the 8-14 Gh/s that you noted above. Over any given day, mine will usually have a min/max hashrate of 8.85-10.25 Gh/s. Over the past 60 days it’s averaged 9.27 Gh/s. So relative to the theoretical 9.05 Gh/s, I’ve been relatively happy (from a hashrate perspective, not $/day).

Per and at my cost of electricity ($0.075/kWh), I’m currently making ~$22.50/day before pool fee. If you’re making EUR 25-30/day ($25.50-$30.60) , then you must have a VERY cheap source of electricity (i.e. free or close to it).

Fwiw, I merge mine LTC/DOGE via F2Pool. My L7 is remotely hosted, so I’m not able to play around with different pools and yields very easily. The advantage is that electricity cost is $0.055/kWh cheaper than if I hosted it myself.

If you want more EUR/day and presuming that you’re as efficient as you’re going to get regarding electricity costs, then upping the hashrate would seem most effective. In this case, immersion cooling + overclocking would be the only way to go.

My L7 is a 9.05 but my average hashrate is a tad higher around the 9250 mark it said when It was running after 7 days. My Nicehash was a tad higher at around 0.00012000 btc and over a week it was 0.009 btc per week sorta thing and that was a few weeks ago. How hot is it where you are assuming you’re in the European summer? It’s winter where I am so perhaps I have the advantage of colder weather at the moment. I also have not upgraded any firmware I bought directly from Bitmain on spot order.

The L7 is hosted in the US in Georgia. They have warm summers up there similar to here (I live in Florida).

I haven’t updated firmware either.