Bitmain L7 PSU problem


My miner stopped working. I noticed if i plug the cable into the rightside(outer port) the miner does not start and if i plug in both the miner starts but it doesnt hash. I tried changing the socket, cable, etc nothing seems to power the right PSU port.

Any ideas what i can do to get it fixed?! I l8ve in the gcc so sending it to bitmain is not really feasible for me.


Do the fans run both front and back, if so can you get into the L7’s menu using its IP address?

Yes, all fans work, i can get into the miner through the ip. But it doesnt show anything. And when i enter the ip it asks for pass and everything it doesnt load from previous visits.

Hi was just wondering if you could do a factory reset if the menus were available to you.

I already give it to a shop to see what the problem is. But honestly didnt think of that! We’ll see what theyll tell me and update the thread of they solved it, so people would be able to solve it themselves if they couls thumbs up

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Hope it gets sorted and doesn’t cost to much.

They told me it was the fan problem. They ordered for me and told me approx 50$ which is 1 day worth of mining, almost. But lost 6 days worth of mining due to delays.

But still greatful it wasnt hashboard problem!!! THANK GOD

That’s a good result. And $50 a day?? I’m lucky to get around $28 on my L7. What pool do you use? I’m on Although my l7 is a 8800 model and not a 9.16 or 9.5. That’s almost double what I amine.

Well not really 50 lol. I get around .5ltc a day i sell my doge immediately and swap it to ltc. I dont pay for electricity currently my family is taking care of it since i recently lost my job lol. End of the month i do couple of trades to get some more ltc i sell it all even if it dropped 1$ or 2$ i buy back and send them to my cold storage and keepem till next bull cycle. I got the 9.15 i guess cause im getting around 9.2gh. I use dxpool

Thanks for that. Sadly I do pay for the lecky ha ha ha. I don’t even know if I will be able to continue next Jul as our tariff will more than double. All part of the fun.

@Lance_Amini litecoinpool only pays in ltc, it takes what you would get in doge and automatically pays you in ltc for it. You should check it out if you haven’t already, it could save you a few steps.

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I wonder what fan they replaced for you? $50 is not a cheap price, since the L7 uses an APW12 power supply, and an APW12 fan costs only a few dollars.

The changed the miner’s fan not the psu, plus service change and stuff

Well, miner’s fans are a few dollars more than the power supply’s fans. You spent $50, but at least it works now and will earn you a lot of $50.