Bitmain L7 spot orders

They are taking spot orders on the L 7 for $18,500 on the Bitmain website.

Tempted. Do you think it’s worth it at this point?

Honestly if I had that to spend I would get
2 Antminer S 19’s to much risk for me at my age. That being said that price is better than $23,000 that second hand dealers are giving.

Well, don’t forget to add the possible 27 percent tax (25% duty + 2.6% tax) you’d have to pay on top of what you already paid when it arrives in the us.

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If 25% is tacked on which assume it will be the cost becomes $23,250 each versus the first 2 batches coming out to $16,000

That makes it two years to get the money back if the difficulty stays the same and no upwards price actions. Then throw in DOGE possibly going proof of stake I would be a nervous wreck. That being said people will come out great making the move I just don’t have the backbone.

we both know that people arent actually paying that trump tax. and thought the 25% tariff expired?

The tariff definitely hasn’t expired, just last week I got hit with it on an order direct from Goldshell. My prior two Goldshell orders got through without the tariff. Seems to be hit or miss.

ouff, that sucks. Do you have the packing list or the commercial invoices from those shipments? would be interested to see how they declared the items. I use a freight forwarder in SZ and never had to pay import.

I never saw the commercial invoice so not sure what the declared value was. I assume the value was declared lower than what I actually paid since the duty was only 10% of the retail price of the miner.

It all depends on what the supplier puts under “declared” value. Manufacturers have been known to put close to “full price”. I’ve also had to pay over a 900 bucks in tax from goldshell when I ordered 20 psu. YMMV.

@icred151 It’s not as if the current admin has lifted this tax. At this point it’s both of theirs tax.

I agree. Not really looking at this from a political point of view, just using the slang used in the logistics industry

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