Bitmain sucks…. Whats new…

So I have been going back and forth with Bitmain over an xp141 that has been shit since day 1. Looking back at the history log, it shows problems months before it was purchased (as new)… so bitmain had problems when testing and worked on it several times before selling it!!

It was taken to Bitmain repair facility in Hickory, NC and deemed scrapped due to one of the boards being burnt. As such Bitmain voids the warranty and you are SOL… so in other words if their shit quality product fails, its no longer under warranty…. What???

After contacting Bitmain about the issue and raising hell, the Bitmain rep had me send it to New Hampshire repair facility and said it would be repaired or replaced… Fast forward a month and now I am being told it was scrapped and I should not have sent it… WHAT??? They told me to send it there!!! So now not only am I out of shipping it there, now I have to pay to get the broke miner back…

Moral of the story,


Their quality is shit and their warranty is a joke! I have seen problems out of every model they make to include s21’s!! A freind of mine has 2 DOA out of 20 ordered!!!


You have your own repair shop right? Do you have an opinion on whatsminer?

I do. The farm I do a lot of work for has about 100. So far I have seen 2 with problems. Build quality is better IMO. They do run hotter than bitmain… but that doesnt seem to bother them. I should mention thats over 3+ years….