Bitradin? scam or not

I recently got a message saying that I won essentially half a bitcoin from a giveaway I entered about a month ago so I created my account and it in fact says that I have half a bitcoin now to withdraw this money you have to deposit 0.004 bitcoin to verify your account. I figured that that’s pretty normal goes through all’s good. So I try and withdraw my money onto my coinbase account and it says that

"Dear user, you completed verify, every user who have much more than 0.3btc need activate premium to unfreeze wallet. ( Terms 3 ) After this transaction you can withdraw your money.

Need to make a Deposit in the amount of: 0 BTC / 0.008 BTC to activate premium!

Contact online support for additional information."

and at this point I’m pretty pissed since its said nothing about that and as a broke student I dont have $400 more dollars to drop on something that’s looking like a scam so I ask for my money back and the customer service rep makes a ton of excuses on why they cant give me my money but congrats on winning our giveaway! So now I’m really scared that I got scammed out of $200 and dont wanna put in more money till I’m completely sure that its not a scam. Has anyone here used this or know about this kind of process on other websites?

Yes, these messages are always a scam. No legitimate contest or service requires you to deposit crypto to receive a prize.

Yep! Scam!