Bitramo, an advanced line of ASIC miners


There is a saying: “when something seems to be good to be true it ideally is”

What is everyone’s thoughts on this company? I.e before I buy

There are 3nm miners already, even bitmain have them, but they release it on the market when is no longer profitable, that’s what this guys do, they put new tech in the market right after it appears.
I visited their office for a live demonstration in April, the miners are insane, i will purchase also 5 big ones.
My friends already run RamoX and they are quite satisified and shooked with the performance.

Just by looking at website it definitely a scam watch out trust no one. Read up on big farms what they use look at the big real manufacture of asic and what they are at there no one that has a Bitcoin asic that can hit 25000th at 900w it’s just not possible


Could be a well prepared scam with news postings on various web pages, with identical publisher (source) BITRAMO itself…
I found their name first in Analytics Insights Telegram news and magazine, link here…

And it worked before, but not any more! So, I assume, scammers bought advertisement spot, and later removed the advertisement…!


Could be a scam!
Just replied with my opinion to an earlier post…

I doubt it.
There is shortage of chips, ect parts.
7.days delivery time, not realistic these days.

their website is a super generic one at that, also interesting how the OP just joined, and the first responder with “first hand” sight of the products joined slightly after. the new york office building that is there adress doesnt have them listed as a buisness there so sketch 1 Penn Plaza | One Penn Plaza - New York Offices, cant find directory info on t he hong kong location. but yeah anyone coming here should stay away with a 5.8 dbi antenna distance

I checked this web with another company, by email ( Sales officer at ), who wrote, that this BITRAMO web and product is a scam!
If anybody states otherwise, then that person is a scammer, and part of it and behind that scam! That’s my conclusion.
If they sell and ship something, that will be typically something ELSE than you see on the web in technical specifications !
I been dealing with Chinese manufacturers, and sent to their factories GOVERNMENT QUALITY CHECK PEOPLE (cost money!), and several times there been only a little office, and been scared That " my people now knocking at our door"…
Then they showed the assembly factory/workshop that been elsewhere, 50km away, that was 2.5h trip. But we checked the factory. We also checked that what is to be shipped is 100% what we ordered :wink::relaxed:.

Product’s weights does not match with technical specifications, compared to other similar competitivelö products!

Do not trust!

AKS company details, then pay 70usd for government Corporate check report, then you see what is this about!
Then, ask invoices for TT ( SWIFT / bank ) transfer, and pay for security technical check, that they ship what you ordered [ ask detailed technical specifications]

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Hi what u are saying is real ???