Bitrexor real or not?

Hello, Has anyone heard of Bitrexor exchange? Not sure if it a scam site or not…most likely…“won” some BTC from them. Looks somewhat legit though. If scam, they did a good job.

Thanks in advance.


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Hey Rob, my name is Mack and I too received a Tweet from this site saying I won 0.76 BTC $16,500 and change but in order to collect must deposit 0.025 BTC $500+. What did u findout if u don’t mind me asking… the site is very very new as in under 6 months.

Its Obviously a SCAM

There is also a similar scam going around like the exchange providing arbitrage opportunities

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SCAM For Sure. Thanks for Reaching Us out before you did something

Hey Mack…to me it looks like it has been around for some time. I did not get “verified” yet so maybe that is why I didn’t see anything about having to deposit 0.025 BTC. If I saw that I would def. think it was a scam. I did see that the account I received the tweet from has been removed.
people that scam suck !