Has anyone looked into the hardware they are selling? I know they claim a huge hashrate for that coin, but also mentions it can mine KAS. At the price they are offering the hardware, repurposing might be worthwhile. The only other hardware I see on the market place is the Bitmain
Antminer DR5.

That said block_dag seems to be too scammy for me to invest in, but if the hardware is solid, the price point might be worth it.

All blockdag is a scam.

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totally agree, just waiting for the rug.

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The Vosk team took a look at it and found alot of inconsistency’s with their marketing and claims. Avoid for sure. Its crazy how much steam has gotten behind it.

I saw that, I am talking purely the hardware they are offering. Just taking it and repurposing it to KAS.

I’d recommend watching our video review of BlockDAG. I would be highly skeptical of any miner they are selling that claims to mine both BTC and KAS. Seeing all the red flags we found, I’m not confident they will actually even deliver on these miners at all. It’s not worth the risk in my opinion.

I watched it again and you guys had the same conclusion I did. If they deliver on even half of what they are promising would be surprised.

shilling your videos in your own forum… what has this world come to :stuck_out_tongue: