Blockchain Gaming: Alien Worlds (TLM token, WAX network)

One thing that probably could use it’s own section on here is blockchain gaming :smiley: There’s a lot of what could be considered cash grabs out there, not to mention some pretty poorly implemented projects. I figured I would start doing a few posts about some projects that I know about and my thoughts on them.

Alien Worlds is a web based title running on the WAX network (an EOS fork), that has it’s own cryptocurrency TLM. To be fair barely qualifies as a game, as it’s more of a glorified faucet at the moment with some NFT’s attached. You take the role of a miner that can dig for TLM on one of 6 planets. Each planet is made up of a grid of land, which itself if an actual NFT owned by either a player of the developers.

You can mine every so often (10 minutes or so with starting gear), depending upon what mining equipment you own and what type of land you are mining on. When mining you will get a small amount of TLM and have a very small chance of finding an NFT, either a mining tool, player skins, minions, or weapons - the latter two of which are for a yet to be implemented battle enhancement. You can spend TLM to combine cards of the same type, which is currently the only in-game use for the currency.

The nice thing about this is that it’s essentially free-to-play, and the TLM to WAX market has been fairly good of late, as well as the price of WAX. I have personally made at least $30 in WAX over the past month by occasionally clicking over to hit mine, not counting a decent collection of NFTs, and dumping my TLM for WAX.

( None of these are referral links, as none of these have referral programs :smiley: )

If you want to check out the game, you will need a WAX wallet to be able to play it. You can get an online one for free here:

The website for the game can be found here:

The actual game itself can be found here:

You can trade TLM for WAX here:

You can buy and sell NFT’s for the game on the WAX market here:

WAX can be sold on several markets, or swapped for EOS on the same Alcor exchange, which is sellable on even more markets.

If you want to see more posts on blockchain related gaming projects, or have any questions about this one let me know.

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It was more hyped after Binance implementation.

Well, with the Binance listing going live, I just took $200 in profit from what is basically a faucet. We’ll see if I sold early or not, but still happy with free money from just clicking a button. If anyone got in when I posted this, congrats :smiley:

I got out before the dip. I think it’s a cool idea but I don’t think it’s healthy to push a button all day to receive tokens. It made me $500. But I think it aged me 5 years.