Blockchain wallet

Anybody using Blockchain wallet? I have been using them for a few years with out any problems
But today I logged in thought there android app to find that someone has helped themselves to all my coin, I have all the security settings turned on, email notifications ,two factor authentication etc
And never received anything about any logins or money being sent out of my account.
Have contacted Blockchain and waiting a reply
How was this possible?

Sorry to hear that. We wish you the best in luck.

I’ve seen a zero balance in my Zelcore wallet at times when the wallet wasn’t sync’d. Sometimes in just one coin while others appeared normally. Then, all of a sudden the missing coin would reappear with the correct balance.

Weird, but it is possible you haven’t lost your coins. Interested to hear what blockchain has to say, or if a reboot of the computer or wallet helps restore the coins.

No it definitely gone can see the sent address, wish it was only the sync’d
I have logged in on there website as I would normally do and I get the email notification to authorize the login after that I get sent an SMS to my phone with a one time code which I have to input on the login page, how someone managed to bypass all that I don’t know
I have changed my password and generated a new wallet with my backup phase, but the hacker would have access to that as well if they got into the wallet
Still waiting for a reply from Blockchain


You can see the sent address:

Wow, I had used my passphrase to log into BTDEX exchange and kept getting logged into my old wallet address I used to send all my coin to my newly created wallet address.

Each time I logged in I would end up at my old wallet address showing a zero balance and my coin having been sent to my new wallet address. Finally I let my old wallet sync fully, then logged into the exchange again, finally arriving at my new wallet address with all my coin there.

Thing was, I sent it there … where in your case it was sent … but not by you.

Good Luck with that! Contact the wallet online discord or telegram help desk. Also, the second I joined the new wallet exchange and joined their telegram chat group I had scammers claiming to be administrators asking me to fill out a form (with the 12 word passphrase) in order to BACKUP my account. This was a scam and I didn’t do it … never give out or fill in a form on a chat page with your passphrase.

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Yes I have the sent address have also found the IP address and device the person used to login to my wallet have sent all this information to Blockchain
They are very slow to answer ,scammer are quicker to offer help :cry:
Never gave any information out about my Wallet

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Just an update on this, luckily I had most of my money in the Blockchain interest account, so after a lot of back and forth had to make a new wallet account and verify my identity ect again
I have received my money back😁
I did lose about £170 worth of ether that I was going to but into the interest account should have done that straight away instead of leaving it in the wallet

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