BlockFi Bankruptcy Distribution sent you $31.33 with Zelle

is this a scam ? received email , BlockFi Bankruptcy Distribution sent you $31.33 with Zelle

BlockFi started their distributions in February. You should’ve been getting emails about it. Given the amount, this claim would’ve been considered Convenience Class, which received a one-time 50% cash distribution.

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It’s legit. They are making distributions based on the amount you had in the interest bearing portion of the wallet I believe.

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It’s legit.
I’ve been getting the emails and it is challenging to determine if they are legit emails or not. However, I use a specific email address for every account I have - so I know who had a data breach and protect my private email. I have over 2,000 masked emails LOL
I specifically got the email mentioning Zelle and instead of clicking links in the email, I went to my Zelle account and added the email I used for BlockFI and the money was there waiting for me to deposit. All good.