BlockFi Still Worth It?... 2022 Review

With so many crypto lenders under scrutiny right now, how does BlockFi stack up? Is BlockFi still safe to use? Let’s do a deep dive on whether or not I would still recommend them and their services. Sub for more crazy crypto news -

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Earning passive income with cryptocurrency is the dream - but it often requires you to hold your coins in a third party exchange, potentially risking your custody of them. How do you determine which crypto exchanges are safe? With everything happening with Celsius and their pausing of withdrawals amidst bankruptcy claims, could BlockFi suffer a similar fate? With a $250M credit from FTX and SBF, it seems like things may be looking up - but how can we be sure? Do BlockFi’s leaked confidential financial documents play any part in this? What has the BlockFi team stated regarding the situation? Let’s look into all of this and more in today’s video!

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00:00 Earning Passive Income with crypto!
01:21 Is BlockFi still safe and secure?
02:26 Perks of BlockFi
03:24 BlockFi CEO answers what’s next
05:22 BlockFi fires 20% of Staff?
06:23 BlockFi Leaked Documents
06:59 BlockFi & FTX $250 Million Deal
08:15 What is a down round?
10:52 BTC going down
11:30 VoskCoin BlockFi Review

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BlockFi Still Worth It?.. 2022 Review

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