Bluestar L1 woes fixed itself

This POS is the Bluestar L1, 5gh scrypt miner. I have had it sitting offline for months because it was not finding 108 Asic on any boards. A while ago I had the same issue and sent it to China, only for the same issue to come back a week later. Today I decided I to try and troubleshoot it. I plugged it in and turned it on to read the kernel log and it works perfectly fine. Was it similar to my J pro that might of had heat trapped in the big heat sinks on the back? I don’t really know but what I do remember is when I had issues I left it for a few days and it found more asic chips, and now it’s fully working. If the same issues happen I will take the big heat sinks off and see what happens


Same issue happened again, got 0 asics read. Took the big heat sinks off and noticed the screws were extremely loose, so fastened them a bit tighter and now it is reading the correct 108 chips on each board.

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