Bnb on polygon how do I get it to be on bnb chain?

I signed up for social good and after waiting forever for my withdrawal it went through on polygon. I swapped some of it for bnb in coinbase wallet (it’s apparenty on polygon chain also) I sent it to metamask and figured out how to add the token I can see it in metamask but I can not figure out how to bridge it to binance chain. Every bridge I can find either doesn’t support it or says my balance is 0. It’s been hours of research and trying this bridge or that and I’m about ready to throw my computer in the trash I’m so frustrated.

I’m sorry I don’t have good instructions for you but you could also try sending your wrapped bnb to binance and converting it there? Otherwise maybe you can ‘sell’ your wrapped bnb for native bnb?

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pancake or anyswap can do it so I don’t know why they both showed 0 balance when metamask didn’t. Maybe I should have tried reconnecting metamask I don’t know. It will all be more in fees than I have so the hell with it I guess I’ll just leave a little bnb on polygon for now