Bobcat 300 for sell $300 or best offer

I have a bobcat 300 for sale for $300. It won’t work with my internet and no one has a hotspot within 40 miles of where I live. You will have to pay $10 (I think) for relocation when setting it up.


Once helium finishes the light hotspot transition, your bobcat should work with your internet. No more port forwarding certain ports…. And no more syncing…

Get a tuned 5.8 dbi antenna and mount outside and you’ll get results as network grows. Give sometime for others to deploy hotspots closer to you!

$150 in hnt tokens I’ll take it:D

I noticed when I clicked on trouble shooting it said when the transition was over you wouldn’t need to port forward. That had changed since two weeks ago but I wasn’t sure I was reading it right. I know T-Mobile home internet won’t allow you to open settings so I thought I was screwed. Plus it’s been relayed the two weeks I’ve owned it and hadn’t made a cent. Thanks for the information.


The light hotspot transition has been troublesome, but I think helium will get it figured out. I would wait it out before selling…