Bobcat 300 - Multiple devices one location?

Is it possible to run multiple Bobcast 300 miners in one household? Or is this bad?


You need 300 meters (1,000 ft) between miners - yours or other owners. Else the profits just split between them. So if you set up two in your house you won’t make more than 1 would.


Thanks for the clarification.

It will half your transmit scale. One miner is 1.0… two HNT miners will make it 0.5 each. Not sure what will cause it to do running 3 or 4. I am running 2 right now and really the returns look bad but it is only day 7. Witness are so hard to get to talk to one of mine. The MNTD is doing better than the BobCat, but the BobCat syned in 4 days and the MNTD took 6.

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Thanks this is helpful, I just picked up the MNTD miner (already have a Nebra). Right now im brainstorming & trying to figure out how to ask someone I know to place one of my miners at their house. Ultimately i feel bad because I most likely have to go into their router & tweak some of the port settings to do it, any ideas?

This is why I don’t understand people who buy so many HNT miners while everyone else can’t get one because they are sold out or backlogged on shipping for 5 months.


Just put one miner up and get a more stronger antenna depending on your position. I just started about 9 or 10 days ago and am at bout almost 6HNT. I’m using the 4dbi antenna and in my area with not many miners close to me. Also I live on a hill with a good height. I’m going to upgrade to 8dbi or 10dbi antenna so I have farther reach and can talk to more miners. We will see how that goes. I will mount it to my roof when it comes in. I currently have it next to the window in the highest room that has no obstructions. Something I found was if you’re close to someone else, find out if they are higher or lower. If you are lower use the antenna that comes with it. If higher, use a stronger antenna, then it should create a different network above and over the other miner and go farther…according to another youtuber I saw talk about when you are too close to another miner.