Bobcat 300 new for sale

Brand new Bobcat 300. Box opened to inspect but never fired up. $450 includes shipping with insurance. Location Buffalo NY. Paypal or crytpo accepted

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Hello, do you still have this available?

yes i do

Bump 5/30/2022

EU 868?
If not Eni body else?

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Hi, I have a EU 868 for sale. Brand new, box unopened

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Brand? Price?

sold. Thank you

I have the EU for sale.
I’m in Canada.
open Box.
Can ship if you’re ready or we meet up
Whatsapp 5146126237

I have an 8-month-old Bobcat (US) for sale for $400 + shipping.

Bobcat, 500 usd

What does it mine?

HNT/Helium but that isn’t worth it’s cost if you ask me

I’m not knocking anyone, but why would you want to buy these still ? The info in coffeezillas video is enough to keep me away. Just wanted to know if I was missing something or do you expect something big to come along w helium ?

I have new bobcat300 2gb never used in UK. Anyone interested £275 shipping included

i made a post earlier im still selling my bobcat if anyone is interested.