Bobcat 300 - Not able to setup first time - Hotspot miner is waiting to start

Setting up the Bobcat 300 for the first time, I always get to the last step with the Bobber App and always receive the “Hotspot miner is waiting to start. Maybe caused by OTA update or a miner restart. Please try again in a few minutes.”

I have tried all day but no go. Any ideas?

I had the same issue.Mine was doing an OTA update. Are you on wifi or Ethernet? If you’re on Ethernet I rebooted after an hour then put the device in pairing mode when the light turned yellow and was able to complete the setup.

I have it connected to the Ethernet. I left it alone all night and just tried it with the same results… I will reboot again.

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Maybe there might be more information here → Helium HNT Hotspot Mining Wiki & FAQ

Thanks, I have looked at that page, but I have not found anything to help yet.

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Following I have the same issue I left mine on eathernet all night and this morning still the same issue

I am on the third day now, same.

i do know that the recent OTA updates from bobcat has had some issues, and the helium network is having a bunch of issues right now. i wouldn’t worry about it for a few more days.


After a bunch of resetting and syncing its finally working… Thanks for all of the help.