Bobcat 300 - Not able to setup first time - Hotspot miner is waiting to start

Setting up the Bobcat 300 for the first time, I always get to the last step with the Bobber App and always receive the “Hotspot miner is waiting to start. Maybe caused by OTA update or a miner restart. Please try again in a few minutes.”

I have tried all day but no go. Any ideas?

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I had the same issue.Mine was doing an OTA update. Are you on wifi or Ethernet? If you’re on Ethernet I rebooted after an hour then put the device in pairing mode when the light turned yellow and was able to complete the setup.

I have it connected to the Ethernet. I left it alone all night and just tried it with the same results… I will reboot again.

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Maybe there might be more information here → Helium HNT Hotspot Mining Wiki & FAQ

Thanks, I have looked at that page, but I have not found anything to help yet.

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Following I have the same issue I left mine on eathernet all night and this morning still the same issue

I am on the third day now, same.

i do know that the recent OTA updates from bobcat has had some issues, and the helium network is having a bunch of issues right now. i wouldn’t worry about it for a few more days.


After a bunch of resetting and syncing its finally working… Thanks for all of the help.


I am having this same issue now. Do you have to do anything for it to sync?

Be patient! A bunch of recent Bobcat miners got released with firmware V1.0.2.79 which has a very hard time receiving OTA updates.

I got 4 bobcat miners from batch 50, all of them had V1.0.2.79. I’ve had all of them hooked to the internet since basically Saturday. Today they all finally were able to update to v1.0.2.80. The most current firmware version is So, I still have a few more firmware versions to go through before I’m all set. But it will now go much quicker now.

Access your bobcat diagnostic page and look at the very bottom. You will be able to see what firmware version you have. If it is V1.0.2.79, be prepared to just let them sit while connected to the internet and leave them alone.

You do not have to have any specific port open for your bobcat Miner to receive OTA updates. You simply have to connect it to ethernet or WIFI and let them do their thing.

Eventually you will need to make sure Port 44158 is open. But do not worry about that yet.

You can access you bobcat diagnostic page the same way you access a Goldshell box miner. Find the IP address your bobcat is using on your router and type that into your browser.


For me, I reset my miner a few times and after 2-5 days it started to sync…

I have the same problem here. I’ve been trying for days