Bobcat 300 Pigtail Replacement

Hey guys and gals. Pretty particular question. My Bobcat 300 appears to have a replacement pigtail, where it’s a direct connection from 3-7 (I think that’s the correct numbers), but I’ve read that having connections 4, 5, and 6 help boost the signal.

Could I strip off the wire shielding (like a 1 centimeter section each) and attach it to these points?

I’m a bit lost in what you’re explaining. Post some pictures maybe to give us a better description of your issue is?

Yep, here is a link to the page where I found out how to identify my problem:

You’ll see the original hardware on the Bobcat has a wire connected to multiple points onto the board itself, but my replacement wire isn’t currently able to attach to these same points.

In fact, from my research, there are no replacement pigtail wires that feature the same connections as the original.

I see what you’re saying. I’ve only purchased LMR with a fitting to connect directly to the miner. I don’t really mess with those pigtails

Yeah, I tightened my LMR too hard and it actually unplugged the little guy inside. Apparently it’s a super common problem. I’m thinking theoretically I could just attach the wire temporarily with electric tape to see if it’s a benefit to have those extra points connected to the board.