Bobcat Miner 300 shipping status

Hey Vosk

I have sent a several email but haven’t got any response regarding Bobcat miner 300 I ordered. You told me it was supposed to shipped by June 15 but delayed until June 22. However, I haven’t even got your response yet since I have requested to send me the shipping tracking information.

As I sent you email last week, I can’t wait anymore and would like to refund $430 I sent you. Respond me what to do

I was supposed to post all copy of email we have communicated with but couldn’t find out how to attach the evidence you got my payment and promised to ship to me. Let me know where can I post it as needed. Please respond me ASAP.

I do not sell Bobcat miners, I only have 2 Bobcat miners currently. You are dealing with a scammer impersonating us, we warn about these trashbags on every video. I’m sorry but they have scammed you.

If you want to buy a Bobcat miner 300 as always we recommend buying through them directly, and to use our link to support us as well as ensure you end up on their correct site as there are scam/phishing sites attacking Bobcat just like the scammers attacking VoskCoin.