Bobcat miner arrived

After ordering it on the 8th of Feb it finally arrived. 190 days and it seems mining HNT is so different now. Wish I could have opted for a refund of the $508 spent. I’m going to give it a try. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks all

You definitely missed the gravy train as far as helium mining goes but you can still earn a reasonable amount today going forward. Be sure to upgrade your attention in relation to your location and what/where other hotspots are placed. The average 5.8dbi antenna can suffice very well but every scenario is different. YouTube is full of videos that can go into great detail regarding Helium miners and antenna placement. Good luck

Why did you buy your helium miner to begin with? Because you thought it was a good project and wanted to be a part of it?

My recommendation is set it up and have fun with it! Don’t let others FUD ruin your fun.

I recently got my Bobcat a month or so ago and I’m not disappointed for setting it up. It’s paying itself off, and the switch to light hotspots in my opinion is a good thing. They use less data and less energy now.

Plus there are some other opportunities now and that may come… Allows to earn more rewards on top of your helium rewards without any modifications or changes to your hotspot. Caution, they are new and please do your own research… but check out their discord for detailed information on their interesting project! , on the other hand is a straight up competitor of helium, and word on the street is soon you will be able to convert any helium miner to mine Crankk instead!

Plenty of opportunities out there for helium miners just getting their miners!

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Thank all

Since the 16th of this month, my Bobcat 300 is active online and is on sync mode. The problem is the inbound connection is not active. Any suggestions? Oh, and the green light is on.

Is your hotspot beaconing, witnessing, and or receiving packets?

As long as your light is green you should be good to go. Ever since the light hotspot update, hotspots no longer need to sync and have any ports open. Just simply connect to the internet.

I bought about 5 of them August 2021. At the beginning, I set mine up inside my home but after a few weeks I went down the rabbit hole of putting it outside. What a huge difference! The antenna is up around 20 feet. It is a Rak Wireless 8dbi antenna. I have my Bobcat lower to the ground for ease of access / maintenance if needed.

Here are a few pics: Right now, of course it is harder to mine HNT but I earn about .28-.35 HNT daily. Not a lot but still some. Here are some pics

Are you still having issues? Did you log into your Bobcat Diagnostic system to see what blockchain height you are at?


The diagnostic report shows the peer-to-peer connection
outbound - green check
inbound - gray X (this is what I think I need to fix)
blockchain height: 1497333
last challenged: 1 day ago
Still haven’t earned anything.

Did you enable port forwarding on your network for 44158/TCP and 1680/UDP? This typically only prevents your miner from being relayed but double check anyway. Another option if you haven’t tried it yet is to reset your hotspot so it can connect to another validator

Well the green icon is good and that you are getting a challenge seems like it is working. My other miners that have the stock antenna inside a home earn 0.00 -0.03 HNT compared to my miner 20 feet high with 8dbi antenna is getting 0.17 - HNT in the same 24 hours.


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If the light is green, and you have the most current firmware update, which is, than you are good to go.

You DO NOT need to do any port forwarding.

All hotspots that are fully updated are all Light Hotspots now and no longer sync. Don’t worry about the inbound being grayed out and x’ed.

But I’m not getting any earnings and zero witnesses?

What’s your hotspot’s name? Maybe we can tell you what’s wrong if we look it up

fantastic lead buffalo. thanks

For starters there’s no other hotspots near you and your antenna is at a low elevation. You’re going to want to upgrade your antenna and mount it at a minimum of 5 meters off the ground but 10 meters would be ideal in your situation. Antenna power should at least 5.8dbi but I recommend 8dbi based on your location. The network currently shows your hotspot online so I’d start with the antenna situation first

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I tried to update the antenna already, I have it about 10 meters high and it’s a 10dbi.

Have you updated the antenna in the Bobcat app? It’s very important to update antenna dbi to the network. According to the helium explorer page, your miner is still configured for 4 dbi.