Bobcat miner issue

So I got my Bobcat 300 and it wasn’t connecting to anyone else or witnessing. So I listed it for sale. Well… I signed out of it before confirming I had all 12 seed phrases. Turns out after signing out AND selling it… 3 of the 12 phrases were missing… 5, 7, and 10. So their tech support says " Twelve Words Seed Phrase is your only helium account password and nobody but you can access it. If you have lost it, we are not able to help with this at all. Please find more details here:"

So do I have a $500 piece of junk now…? I’m hoping I don’t. There’s a computer with my phrases on it it somewhere…

all you lost was your wallet and whatever HNT you had in it.

The Bobcat can be transferred from the phone that you used to setup the BobCat with. You dont need the words to do that transfer, but the phone must be working, and you need to login to the HNT portal. So if you are saying you do not have the password to the HNT portal and you are trying to recover your password to login to your wallet, and you lost the 12 words to recover your HNT portal… you now have a nice paper weight.

So did you fail to login to the HNT portal on the phone you setup the Bobcat with ?

It might have made 3 cents… I just want access to my account so I can resell it properly. I DO have 9 of the 12 phrases… I certainly would NOT have deleted 3 of them… I don’t believe I’ve ever logged into the HNT portal… I’ll go read up that. I can login to my the Helium app…(I’m thinking that’s what you are referring to) partially… then it wants then missing words which is where it stops.

If you can log in to the helium app on your phone, the REVEAL 12 words is in the settings.

I have never seen the app ask for the 12 word phase on login to the app.

Sorry… On the previous reply… I didn’t phrase that correctly… the app lets me in and doesn’t ask for the Seed phrases…

I have access into the app… it says my hotspot is offline and not syncing. Can’t do a screen cap due to security. My cell won’t pair up to it but the app says it’s connected. I’m guessing because it’s not paired up to my cell… I don’t see the “Transfer Hotspot” link.

So after searching youtube… I found some info on recovering my seed phrases. BTCRecover Install + GPU Acceleration on Windows (Python 3) Crypto Seed, Wallet Password Recovery - YouTube This is what I’m working on…

So I bought a used Bobcat on eBay and the seller said they couldn’t transfer the ownership. Is this essentially a paperweight (or would be earning for the original owner rather)?

From the pics of the internals I see a CMOS battery, has anyone tried removing it and shorting out the leads to fully clear everything?

Am I just out of luck and request to cancel this order?

Thanks ahead of time for your input

Nice paper weight unless you want to plug it in and start mining HNT on your electricity and your internet bandwidth. Because the HNT will go to the wallet assigned to it.

The 12 words and name are OTP. once wrote they are forever unless you send back to Bobcat in China for a reset.

UPDATE… It’s online and synced up, but with stock antenna, it’s not getting any witnesses… as I didn’t think it would from reading other posts… so I plugged in an 8DBI antenna today… Still don’t think it will reach any other hotspots… my next move it to mount it with a couple of 400w wind generators about 30’ up a tree. haha…

if i buy a locked miner on eBay is there anyway to reset it

No, the seller 100% has to be responsible to reset and transfer a HNT device.