Bobcat miner Maybe scam

Hi, i conected you a long while ago with a question About where i can buy good miners. You told me to buy it at justforminers so i went to the site and i had to order the miner via a phone number listed in the site (phone number +1 (925) 421-6210). I had to withdraw the money for the miner to him(500€). After he recived the money he told me that i have to pay an extra 200€ Shipping. So i just went and pay that. Since i didnt hear from him a while i asked him where my order is and told me that i have to pay an extra 100€ Beacause the netherlands customs took the order. I dont know What to do right now. I am not tryna complain about you. You helped me and you where really Nice to me. You Also told me that you bought Youre miners from him and thats why i bought it from him. So now if you can answer me via dm what to do right now i would really appriciate it. Insta: z.elb7

Who are you referring to as “YOU” and “YOU” ?

YOU, have not even posted on here in 5 months it appears.

Bobcat is taking up to 6 months to deliver these days.

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Yeah, that person/entity sounds shady!

Why would you trust a random person on a forum , anybody can post here. Sounds like a scam to me.

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I have the same issue. I asked drew he was nice and told me go to a particular site they had a miner I was interested it was cheapest than any other it was a refurb I think. I ordered all was fine then i got notice Taiwan customs had i had to pay a fee 250$. Di they said ok package reroute i got email from shipper saying us customs had package and needs more money. I pay another 300$. Now everyone shipper, and shipping co. So now my total investment 3200$ miner plus bs fees. I ask the guy who pointed me to this company all he says I’m on it. Now is no more. And a search for website I get scam everywhere. Now how do I get my money back?