BobCat Miner Order Issue

I was curious to see if anyone else had any problems with ordering their BobCat Miner? If so, have you already filled out their forum and how long have you been waiting? In my case, I overpaid like an idiot. They took my money but didn’t accept the order. Now I’m just praying they still accept my order. I understand that they are completely swamped with orders. I looked up online, and some people have been waiting a couple of weeks to hear back from them? Anyways, Happy Mining to all!

Did you fill out this form? They recently added another Google doc


I have order but I haven’t get any confirmation paid as directed but haven’t get a confirmation email yet is there any way to track if it’s successful because payment has been confirmed.

is there a app to track your bobcat order?

Check your spam folder for your confirmation email…

I did not do the updated one. I will go ahead and try that now. Thanks a million!