Bobcat Miner Order Mayhem

So I finally bought my Bobcat today and my order was in the 150,000 Range and in the email it was mentioned 8-12 weeks to receive it.

First Im sold on this project and well, I will wait since the other miners sold in the US stop selling, there’s no other option.

Now I see this:

Our teams working overtime​:sweat_smile:ensuring the 2nd batch start shipping to customers across China, N America & Europe ahead of the 5-day national labor day holiday in China starting this Saturday. Is your miner in here?:heart_eyes: Find out here

— BOBCAT (@BOBCATiot) April 27, 2021

My question and interest is to see if anyone can tell me in what range his order is, if some one posts that its on the 120,000 range and the order was placed yesterday… I will blame all the success my Bobcat team is having on LordVoskoft.

Well much love and take out the popcorn and wait my G’s, I know I will.

If you click their provided link to their news section they state:

For European and North American orders made through the website, the cutoff batch order number is 10195.