Bobcat Miners and Muggle Pay

Just ordered a Nebra and two Bobcats. My only issue now is Muggle Pay still says “pending paid”. What everyone’s experience with this. I know there have been issues but my USDT is paid and the transaction confirmed. It’s been almost two weeks.


I just placed an order for 2 Bobcats and they went right through. Well, it actually took me an hour plus++ to dial it all in, swap out coins, add eth to cover fee’s, etc etc (so operator fumble more so) but once it was ready to go and sent via MetaMask it was lightning fast and got the text to confirm right away and how to track plus order page confirm. bets of success!! Thank you Vosk for making this so easy all the time. You are one of the very best and my go-to for all things mining!

I’m afraid that there are a lot of people having serious problems related to orders from bobcat company
They use a crypto method manage by a “pseudo” company called mugglepay.

The fact is the are many fees when you make the order from bobcat (taxes and shipment) but there are also others fees that are unpredictable in the moment you have to make the crypto transfer. When your many is in the mugglepay wallet is less of what you sent and they ask you for more and your order will remain “not payed” for ever. Why?
Because, once in a situation or in any other on which you have problems and you need contact with the support, basically, it doesn’t exist. mugglepay doesn’t offer a real support system. They have just a non-professional approach using a telegram channel that is totally a nightmare. In the end, people are sending the many using this high-cost system and the orders are not arriving at the bobcat.

Apart from that, there is not confirmation email and not date for the orders… so… everything looks like a scam.
@Voskcoin, man… please… I strongly recommend you contact bobcat people to present a compliant of this situation. I didi to They are the responsible ones because they choose this stupid method as payment system that is generating many problems.

In my case, I sent the USDT and I never received the confirmation of my order… so , it is still pending (after more than 3 days already)… My current situation: many spent, no order, no product, and no support … nice… isn’t it? I have all the details of my operation, order, hashes etc… so… it is a real case like many others that are complaining similar issues.

My level of “fury” is increasing day by day, hour by hour and this is not good for bobcat and people like you @voskcoin and other youtubers recommending it also.

I just want my order executed.

You can simply contact Bobcat Miner here and they will fix it for you.

I was also in pending for a while until I found out that the issue was coming from Coinbase. They wanted to check my identity before sending the amount. I just sent them my ID via their dashboard and the payment went through. I then received a confirmation email from moglulpay and have been forwarded to the confirmation page of Bobcat. Waiting now