Bobcat shipping!

I just bought a Bobcat miner for helium I’m order 1201362 they shipped 121410 on June 11 so I’m 1079953 down the road for North American. lol


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You aren’t as far down as you think. They changed payment systems and the order numbers went from 6 to 7 digits. In addition, due to the previous requirement to use MugglePay a lot of orders were never completed. For comparison, I ordered on May 13th and my order number is 113XXXX. So it looks like about 7k orders have been placed in the last month.


That sounds like a blessing. In a world of 2 day shipping really odd to wait for months. I seen that it was coinbase change over after I put my cash on and waited 10 days to clear when I had a coinbase already. It was easy on Binance because it shows amount being sent as u add before gas fees.


Vosk do u know when the batch of group bobcat miner ships I believe we ordered on the 8

Got a confirmed order from Mugglepay on the 2nd of June, still no shipping info and this is ~20 weeks later.

Has anyone else received shipping info or already received their bobcat miners?