Is BOGECOIN going to be the NEXT DOGECOIN just like Shiba Inu SHIB token and AKITA token gained a lot of popularity as dog stock doge forks and is Elon Musk going to make his own Dogecoin cryptocurrency?! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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In a Bitcoin Dogecoin cryptocurrency bullrun apparently fundamentals just go out of the window and people are just the most interested in buying cheap coins that people talk about on TikTok and Crypto YouTube. Dogecoin a project mined by Chinese mining farms with Scrypt mining rigs you will struggle to ever even buy and not actively developed or maintained has been one of the BEST performing crypto assets ever and increased over 20,000% in the last year. BOGECOIN BOGE aims to be the next Dogecoin basically a Doge 2.0 built on the Binance Smart Chain BSC allowing users to transact quickly and cheaply along with no proof of work mining energy concerns like Elon has with Bitcoin mining and how Elon Musk will condemn Dogecoin once he figures out how much electricity is burned mining Dogecoin.

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00:00 20000% Gains on DOGE Dogecoin
03:56 DOGECOIN never sleeps
04:36 Is ELON MUSK creating his own Dogecoin
05:52 BOGECOIN the next DOGECOIN?
06:49 Using the BINANCE SMART CHAIN for DEFI
09:57 Selling on Bogecoin WINDSWAP
11:53 What is Bogecoin AUTOSTAKING?
13:46 Bogecoin is like Dogecoin but years ago
14:12 Meme coins are making millionaires right now

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