Bolonminer Bitcoin miner

Has anyone ordered from Bolon miner?

I have received an email from them but I’m hesitant to order

Besides voskcoins video review I haven’t heard anything more about this company

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I did! Very quick and professional service. Harry was great. So far so good.

When is it expected to ship ?

Those power hungry for 70th. Nice price though

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It took two weeks for me.

For shipping.

You may want to check us out, we ship to you within 3 days, the goods are in Hong Kong, China

Came here looking for this question. Their contact approach does seem super sketch, as does not accepting web purchase, only electronic bank payments

You actually received the machine ??

Yes I did, and it was in perfect condition.

Anyone else order? CGG received it, but looking at anyone else? Sent email, but no response. How much did extra did you pay for shipping, etc.

Henry? I spoke with Kite. Seems not really legit. Am I paranoid?

did you have a running? how’d it go

Hello , I am Mohsen , official salesman of Bolonminer , if have any question and order , can ask me

Website :
Email :

you can send video miner plz