Bots for Trading

I’m not shilling, no link being provided… I have been using 3commas Bots now for a few months. It started off a little rough, then I added some more dollars into the mix and things started to click. I had some super strong days and thought i had it all figured out… And then I nearly wiped out my account by getting killed on several 125x longs… yeah I know, it was risky, and yeah it set me back about 8k. Luck;y those dollars were all gains, so I did not loose my original investment.

That provided a good set of experiences to play things smarter. I know have a fairly consistent profit every day and for 38 days no only one day that was negative. I now have much more reducible passive income instead of huge ups and downs…

Anyway my point is, i cant sit and watch my trades all day long so the key for my was using Bots to execute my strategy when I am there or not and it removes 100% of the emotion out of each execution of a trade.

Tres Commas!

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