Bought my first asic thanks to vosk (L3+)

Hey everyone,

First post. Just wanted to say thanks vosk! I bought my first asic miner from bt-miner thanks to your recent YouTube videos. It arrived in less than two weeks and is humming away beautifully. I even bought it with crypto, though bt-miner still had the credit card option.

Been super happy with them. I will be ordering more.

Question to the forum: What other miner under $5k should I dive into? I currently do not have a 220V+ setup. I am only running on 120v 15p circuits. All though I have between 4-5 of those types of circuits available.



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Where did you buy your L3, also looking for miner under $5k? I was scammed by for $7k using crypto to buy.


They were super helpful, and even asked if it was my first asic to help make sure I had everything setup correctly.

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I also bought from BT-Miner. They are quick and responsive. Lots of used units. I bought 4 L3s and am waiting on power. Ill have it all set up this Monday. I haven’t seen a whole lot of miners under 5k except the L3s. The next set of units I will be buying are 2 s19 pros.


When you say (scammed) what do you mean?

I ordered an L3 ++ refurbished from Newegg for around $1,150. I did this because I was scammed by paying with BTC via coinbase. Hopefully, I have some safeguards via Newegg and credit card payment (not crypto) if the order goes wrong.

And you can always look at Amazon they sell some miners.

Scammed by means the website looks real with tracking, account setup,text messages when ordering but payment is only via Coinbase. To date, my order still shows no payment received (but coinbase transfer took place). You can contact them only via their website (but they never respond).

DAMN! I hate hearing this. Look alike sites, fake addresses, and the list goes on, sometime I feel only the scammers are making money, just ugh…
One funny thing it seems like “Coinbase” is always being mentioned, point and fact they facilitated my theft, in fact the scammers recommended I use coinbase…

So it’s a look alike site, maybe you can post it so we can look at it?

I’m chatting with them now. I’m extremely nervous to drop 15k on this … :grimacing: :grimacing:

They’re great. I also recently purchased a 2nd PSU from them. Got it in a few days. Bt-miners is awesome.