Box Miners Becoming Obsolete

Hey everyone, long time listener first time caller (haha). I’ve been doing my due diligence before I pull the trigger on my beginner ASIC rig. I’ve been leaning towards the KD-Box Miner for several reasons; First, I like that I don’t have to have a 220v line put in. I also like that they are not extremely noisy and don’t use a ton of electricity. Lastly, according to what I’ve been seeing they are making about $7 a day which is great.
I am about to pull the trigger and order 3 of them, however I’m seeing people saying that with the mining difficulty increasing and more and more miners coming online these box miners will be basically obsolete sooner rather than later. I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this. Do you think they will no longer be profitable soon? Would it be wiser to go with something different and spend the money to get a 220 put in?

This will certainly be a thing however for me these mini miners are just a way to learn before I make a big boy purchase into the large ASICS. I’d imagine it will be over a year before you have to worry about it.

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