Brand New Antminer KA3 For Sale

Full video link: KA3 Inventory for Voskcointalk

[For moderators] We are a new user to Voskcointalk and we found this platform very useful and engaging. Therefore, we are trying our best to comply with platform rules. If there’s anywhere in this post you found us in violation, please promptly let us know and we will revise the post. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

We have recently restocked some Antminer KA3 as the pictures and videos shown above. We are selling them for CAD$16,850 or equivalent (~USD$12,600). Specs are below:

Hashrate: 166 Th/s
Consumption: 3154 W/h
Lifespan: 4-6 years
Warranty: 6 months
Algorithm: Kadena
Mineable coins: Kadena

We can ship the product globally with shipping included. The product will be under valid manufacturer warranty and invoice & receipt will be provided. For anyone interested, you can order it directly through our websit or if you have any questions, email to learn more. Volume discount available.

We can accept wire transfer or for Canadian customers, interac e-transfer. Unfortunately we do not take Paypal at the time due to long hold period of funds (if you ran a merchant before, you know what I’m talking about!)

Your not allowed to self promote your company or company you work for. So yes you are not following the rules

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Maybe they messed up their username and left off the S.

Joking aside please reread the rules and make sure you are properly following them.

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Hi Smokey024,

Thank you for letting us know. We can take down the post if needed. I read the community guidelines after creating my account but couldn’t find it now somehow. Can you please kindly refer me to the post?

I’m a little confused as I saw people posting their inventory lists without any pictures and also putting their company website and email. For instance, I saw posts from @cryptominernv with inventory lists and prices. I like his posts. He’s very active and seems legit, but I didn’t see pictures attached sometimes. Is there some kind of verified sellers who can do marketing in a more flexible way?

Anyhow, I think I’ll send an email to the moderators to figure out, but thanks again for correcting us.

Lol CAM stands for Crypto ASIC Mining but I see the joke here. The last thing we’d want is to be a scam. We are a new company and are still learning about industry rules as well as this platform. Thank you for letting us know. I’m a little confused on how to properly market our product as my reply to @Smokey024 above. We are a dealer and want to do things right. Does the platform only allow private sellers or can dealer market our product in certain ways?

I will send an email to the moderators to figure out but thanks for letting us know. If inappropriate we’ll take down our posts.

Thank you!

Yea times have changed people have messed that up for u. Only thing you can do is maybe get some of the regular to some how buy from you but I’m pretty sure that would be hard because you are thousands over the trusted one on here

The good dealer in here don’t self promote the regular who are here that buy from them promote them. But once again your prices are so far off that no regular on here would buy one

Got it. Thanks man. I’ve sent a message to the moderator @MissVosk as well to learn more about detailed rules. Sounds like buyers are very well protected in this platform and that’s a good thing.

On pricing I can do volume discount for bulk orders, but unfortunately I don’t charge 50% margin on products so there is a limit on how low I can go. I’ll keep an eye out on the forum to see what good dealers / competitors are offering and improve my supplier channel over time.

Thank you for being one of my first commentors and pointing out where I did wrong!

@CAM I will say Welcome and good luck. I will say my knowledge of the seller rules are 2nd hand but I know I have seen it brought up elsewhere and yes bad apples cause us to have to be stricter and less permissive as the realm of Crypto is still very much akin to the wild west and a realm of outlaws, thieves, and adventurers.