Brand New GPU Not Working

I got my brand new AMD RX 5700 today and got it all hooked up but it isn’t mining an I am scared to flash vbios in HiveOS because I am not sure if that will brick my new card and void the warranty. I am running a Linux HiveOS. I was previously running NVIDIA cards on this rig with no problem.

I think I am going to install an ssd on my rig and make it into a windows machine so I can mess with my GPU settings in a safer way I do not know enough about this stuff to be trying things out and bricking my card. I kinda wish I had a cheaper AMD card to play around with and learn on instead f this brand new card that might have been a mistake. I should have just got a cheap used AMD card first.

Top YouTubers that switch video cards often have discussed this issue. They have a utility to remove all video drivers completely. You may need to get the Nvidia driver off and install some version AMD driver. Latest is not always greatest. Since you are using HiveOS, and not Windows, I can’t help you there. I also don’t know if wattman runs on HiveOS. Good Luck with that.

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Steve at Gamers Nexxus and that Slacker at Bearded Hardware have described your issue

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Okay that makes me feel better I thought I was just to much of a noob to figure it out but it sounds like i am on the right track by getting it onto a windows machine to at least get the bios sorted and then I can try going back to linux i was supposed to get my hard drive dock today but I just checked tracking and its not coming until Monday wasted my $10 to overnight.

If you do get a windows rig set up, or just a windows test bench, the utility I use is DDU, Display Driver Uninstaller, whenever updating or changing drivers. Worked well for me.

I have been all over the techpowerup forums I can’t wait for my hard drive dock to come in monday