Brand NewB - $2,000 budget

Greetings ya’ll, from Appalachia.

I recently came into a $2,000 bonus and I think instead of my normal boring Vanguard ETF I’d like to dip my toes into the waters of the world of Crypto.

I’d love to hear what you experienced miners would do if you were new and only had $2,000.

My electric is just shy of 6cents per kWh, if that matters for any decision making.

Thanks in advance for any information.

I’m glad I found the VOSK community, I look forward to building with ya’ll.

Once you read more and watch more videos, that $2000 is going to need to grow to about $10000 if you want to do ASIC

you can get into Helium at about $1300… I have one for sale now new in the box. it is a BobCat.

If you preorder a helium you are looking at Feb 2022 before it comes in.

"Miner388 Once you read more and watch more videos, that $2000 is going to need to grow to about $10000 if you want to do ASIC"

Ohh Noo. I was really hoping $2,000 would be enough to get the ball rolling. (A very small ball)

thought I could make this a long-term endeavor that I build up over time, but unfortunately $10,000 is just out of reach at the moment.

Now I’m Sadge :frowning:

You can always get a goldshell mini-asic for that price, but not much more

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Is that Goldshell Mini you mentioned above; the Mini-DOGE?

Can it mine anything other than Doge?
I think I wanted Ethereum but tbh I don’t know much about either one of them.

Should I buy it?

Also; are GPU miners bad now?
I live near a MicroCenter that always has very fairly priced pre-built Gaming PCs in stock.

Mini-doge is popular, but you can get a ck-box or hs-box too under that price. Mini-doge is a scrypt miner and isn’t restricted to mining doge.

Click the link and scroll down to Mineable coins for a full list. The L7 is also a scrypt miner.

With .06 for electricity you could get an antminer so or 2 and make a go at it, or go the gpu route and pick up a 3060 ti next time they are at the store near you for under $700. Eventually get a board for multiple gpus and start adding them when you can get them cheap.

Build your first rig. Start with one card. Save a bit more go with something small maybe gold shell. Realize that working on your own rig is more versatile and serviceable, which could mean more profitable. It depends on the situation. Asics are great if they stay running. If anything goes wrong you’re pretty much on your own until you get a replacement or figure it out. A mining rig can still mine with a CPU. Other gpus can continue to mine if one of your gpus goes down. You’re in a good place because I pay twice as much per kilowatt-hour.

Also consider a way to dissipate Heat. Whether that be air flow in the same room or you can look into using a small grow tent. Welcome to the fold. Stay safe and happy mining. :clock3:

There are several small asic miners you can get under your price point. Nice beginner type units to see if you like it. Goldshell makes several of them. Vosk has done videos on all of them I think, so check his YouTube. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get started or to try it out. It also depends how technical or computer savvy you are, asics are kind of more plug them in and go and gpu/cpu rigs you will build and be a lot more hands on

Some good advice above. Other than those Goldshell Box miners (I’d get the KD if you are lucky enough) you could also get a used Antminer L3+ for around $900.
Edit: Check @Master3004 posts for miners in your price range then check how much those are making a day.